The science of modern exploration

CSIRO aided Portable PPB in the commercialisation of detectORE™️ to provide on-site decision making support to mineral explorers. Experience game-changing time and risk compression with detectORE™.

The Challenge –
Unlocking low level gold by pXRF

pXRF technology opened up opportunities for a range of commodities but has been unreliable for gold analysis.

  • Gold concentrations are too low and dispersed
  • Any signal is compromised by Interfering elements

DetectORE™ solves these issues.

  • Leaching the Au from solution and concentrating it on a collector.
  • Enabling continuous, fast, adaptive and more effective gold assaying.
  • Gold results to <20 ppb Au using pXRF, within 8 HOURS.

The Process Today

Exploration and mining relies on assays to guide the next phase of work.

Shipping samples from the field or mine and waiting for the lab to process them slows the momentum.

With exploration, add onto this field seasons, boom-bust cycles and many potential targets to test, then is it any wonder that it often takes many years and several companies to make a discovery?

The Way Forward

Low level gold by pXRF using the patented detectORE™ process.

Provides geologists the ability to detect gold in samples, anywhere, down to low parts per billion level. It’s use has the potential to transform the way we approach, explore and mine gold. Saving you time and money.

Industry Process

Find gold faster

Follow a simple 6 step process using our single shot consumable, coupled with off-the-shelf conventional pXRF to obtain results within 8 hours, anywhere! React to the results and decide the next actions.

What are the benefits?

Advance your gold exploration and mining confidently and rapidly using gold to find gold™ with same day results, anywhere!

Fast, field based, adaptive sampling
  • Quickly identify mineralisation.
  • Avoid oversampling targets.
  • Undertake multiple sampling phases within days.
  • Compress your workflow to drive discovery.
  • Be more confident and courageous with drilling new discoveries.
Identify relevant samples.
  • Identify gold bearing sample to enable focused application of other technologies.
  • Only ship relevant samples to build resource models faster.
  • Gain early metallurgy insights.
  • Only transport relevant samples to reduce your supply chain requirements.
Genuine CSR benefits that make a difference
  • Make a genuine difference with a Carbon footprint that is a fraction of the alternatives.
  • Use a process that can be entirely run using solar power.
  • Provide new employment opportunities within your host communities.
  • Keep service support local.
Use your capital more efficiently
  • Onsite lab capabilities at a fraction of the normal lab set up and operating costs.
  • Increase pXRF utilisation for a greater return on investment.
  • Very low capital cost compared with conventional techniques.

Our Results

During the R&D phase over 30,000 samples and tests have been undertaken using a mix of field samples, gold solutions and CRMs. Below are some of these results.


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