Voucher Terms & Conditions

  1. Any promotion or voucher provided is valid for up to a maximum number of 30 pulp samples. 
  2. Promotions are valid for 90 days from the date of issue. 
  3. Samples should be received by PPPB before midnight AWST on the expiry date. 
  4. Blind Trial tests are offered where assay data is known for comparative analysis
    purposes only. 
  5. Samples selected for testing should include a range of gold grades; No/Low Medium, High. (Determined by Client). 
  6. Shipping to PPPB will be at Client cost. 
  7. Any AQIS fees will be at Client cost.  
  8. If shipping from overseas then the samples must sourced from >5m below the earth’s surface and be free from organics, including seeds.  
  9. Participants must agree to completing in full the PPPB Sample Testing Order Form and Chain of Custody prior to dispatch to identify information such as;
    1. Sample type. 
    2. Mineralisation style. 
    3. Region / country. 
    4. Any expected issues – high sulphides, refractory, other? 
  10. Participants should notify PPPB of the shipping details, including AWB and ETA for their arrival. 
  11. Samples supplied should be clearly marked in reference to existing assay unique identifiers to allow for accurate data comparison. 
  12. If applicable, test must be “blind” – no assay data should be provided until requested by PPPB at which time results will be exchanged simultaneously via electronic means. 
  13. PPPB reserves the right to use the results for promotional purposes on the understanding that PPPB will not disclose the supplier, company, project or individual details, in the event that the data are used for promotional purposes. 
  14. Additional tests exclusive of any promotion or offer may be purchased at List Prices per Test. Where this is agreed;
    1. Samples should be shipped prior to payment. 
    2. Results will not be released until payment has been received, at PPPB’s sole discretion. 
  15. Any additional Blind Trial or Sample Tests purchased at list price will qualify to have any Test fees as input credit towards the first and/or second order of detectORE™️ consumables (tests), on the following basis:
    1. 1st Order up to 500 tests then 25% refund of Test fees. 
    2. 1st Order of 501-1000 tests then 50% refund of Test fees. 
    3. 1st Order of >1000 tests then 100% refund of Test fees. 
    4. 2nd Order cumulative to first with ability to have up to 100% of Test fees applied as a credit. 
  16. Sample sizes to be minimum 125g, max 500g of pulped material.  
  17. Gold results are provided on an as-is basis and the recipient must exercise their own professional discretion as to the veracity and how they will use the results.  
  18. Portable PPB will not be responsible for any decisions made by the user based off receipt of the results.  
  19. Upon completion of testing any residue, untested Sample Material should be collected at Client Cost within 90 days of completion after which time will be disposed of or retained by PPPB for Research and Development purposes. 
  20. Shipping arrangements for the return of Sample Material remain client responsibility. 
  21. Where there is any risk that supplied sample material may be hazardous such as radioactive, Asbestos or high toxicity Clients must inform Portable PPB prior to dispatch 
  22. PPPB may alter the terms and conditions at its sole discretion.